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June 14, 2013



What is wrong with them? Blair (who I can't stand) has at least realised there is a problem "within" Islam!

So, they want to spy on everyone because they haven't the courage or good sense to identify the problem for what it really is!


I think this is all rather snide. Straw and Johnson are worthy public figures and they are clearly on the right side of the argument here (that Islamic terrorism should be snuffed out and that we should be conscientious about finding more sophisticated ways of doing it).

Ok, their opening sentence is at best mawkish and politically correct and at worst absurd, but surely this is the result of their adamant belief that we ought to actively differentiate between the sociopathic Muslims and the other peaceable Muslims. After several Muslim buildings have suspiciously gone up in flames, maybe they are nervous about how they broach this subject.

Mick H

Well yes, I know perfectly well why they feel they should say that. It is, nevertheless, an absurd comment. Of course the Woolwich killers had a "regard" for Islam. It's the whole reason they acted as they did. Everyone knows that, and it makes Straw et al look ridiculous to deny it. You can go on from there to argue that the killers' understanding of Islam is incorrect, or that the overwhelming majority of Muslims will have been horrified by Woolwich, but it was still Islam that inspired them.

Also, this kind of reaction reinforces the idea that, since violence of this type is somehow nothing to do with Islam, there's no need for Muslims to change anything. But there is a need. As Blair says, there's a problem within Islam, and it needs to be faced.

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