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May 09, 2013



Ah, the classic anti-Semitic double-Salchow, often attempted but seldom as well executed as it is here, where the author manages to pull it off in just two sentences. Jump 1) Hitler did not carry out the Holocaust. Jump 2) Hitler should have made a better job of it. Marks of 9.9 and 10 all round from the judges.


Yeh, you beat me to it, GM; well said.

"most of what is said about the massacre is exaggeration and lies. If only Hitler had finished them off"
Seems the 'scholars' can't keep to the script for more than a sentence.

Recruiting Animal

It's hard to put these people into any perspective because we're not familiar with the countries they come from.

I always wonder if the clerics in the videos Memri puts online are just freaks like Terry Jones.

But Qaradawi does not seem to be a marginal figure and he says the same things and I have to wonder if there are major people with his stature in Egypt who tell a different tale.


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