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May 14, 2013



Italians think Italy is the least trustworthy nation. My father used to tell a story:

An Italian man says to his son, "You're a man now, so I want you to jump off that building. I'll catch you, and you'll learn the most important truth any man can ever learn." So the son jumps, but his father withdraws his arms and steps aside. "That's the most important thing you can ever learn ... never trust an Italian."

Doubting Rich

Only the Italians fail to put themselves as least arrogant. Perhaps they should be considered most self-aware.

Rich Rostrom

The Poles rate Germany as "Most trustworthy" and "Least trustworthy"?

I'll have to go to the link to see what the data is.

Doubting Rich: Czechs voted Slovakia as "Least arrogant".

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