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March 04, 2013



You know you are dealihg with a dictator when someone says 'the country loves X'. Nobody ever says that where X is a democratically elected leader. When you have elections, it's crystal clear that many people don't like X, and when you have free speech, they can say so. Of course it is different where there are no elections and no free speech.


It's interesting to compare the minor and the major league among the dictator worshippers. If Rodman (the minor league) were to hear the testimony of NK refugees, I believe he would change his mind. Chomsky (the major league) had the full testimonies of the Cambodian refugees; he considered them too uniform to be taken at face value.

Mick H

Right. Chomsky and the like have their ideology to protect them from the facts. Rodman may not be the smartest, but, as you say, you'd back him to be suitably shocked if he knew the truth.

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