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March 16, 2013



Do you think abusers of women are more likely to care about the input they get from men, or from women? This makes more sense if you imagine for a moment that the south Asian immigrant men whose behavior they want to modify are men who learned their values in south Asia.

Mick H

Well I don't know, but maybe - just a thought - they should try listening to women sometime.

That they wouldn't be interested in women's input is surely part of the problem.

Abdullah Abid

Actually, one of the reasons the event was organised was in response to women's organisations (that are leading on tackling domestic violence in Muslim communities) who wanted this type of event to happen as:

1. Some Muslim perpetrators of domestic violence believe that their acts are religiously justified; and

2. These organisations were struggling to convince these men otherwise as they have extremely misogynistic mindsets, and so they needed to hear it from leading male community/religious figures.

Why not contact female led organisations like Nour Domestic Violence and see what they think (and perhaps post back here)?

Funny how easy it is to incorrectly accuse others of being bigots whilst managing to overlook one's own preconceived prejudices and bigoted beliefs.

Mick H

Yes, obviously, the best way to deal with the misogynist is not to have him hear what women think.

And your remark about "preconceived prejudices and bigoted beliefs" is rather weakened by your own admission that many of these men believe their actions are religiously justified and many have extremely misogynistic mindsets. Exactly so.

Mick H

I should add that, yes, clearly, I appreciate that this is a step in the right direction. The problem is being acknowledged, and even if only one man, listening to the imams, was persuaded that he should treat his wife better and go easy on the violence, then it was worth it.

It just seems to me a sad comment on the depth of the misogyny here that even on a topic which so intimately affects women it still has to be only male voices being heard.

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