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February 27, 2013


David Barsalou

How about writing an article on all of the
Legendary Artists Roy Lichtenstein Copied

Jack Abel
Tony Abruzzo
Ross Andru
Martin Branner
Milt Caniff
Hy Eisman
Myron Fass
Dick Giordano
Jerry Grandenetti
Russ Heath
Gil Kane
Jack Kirby
Joe Kubert
Irv Novick
William Overgard
Arthur Peddy
Bruno Premiani
John Romita
Bud Sagendorf
Mike Sekowsky
George Tuska

Deconstructing Roy Lichtenstein © 2000
David Barsalou MFA




Mick H

Well, it's an old argument. He did much more than steal, for me, but if you don't see it you don't see it. Thanks for the links anyway.

Torquil Macneil

Excellent review as so often, you've inspired me to see the exhibition.

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