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February 05, 2013



Worth noting that these priceless manuscripts all relate to what today's apologists for Islam agree in referring to as Islam's Golden Age. An era of science. An era of exploration. An era of religious tolerance. An era where all races were equal. Here we have a prime historic source for this era which, because of an accident of climate and culture has been better preserved than any other equivalent archive anywhere else in the world.

But who is taking the lead in preserving it and making this monument of Islam available to the world of scholarship? Not the hyper-wealthy Gulf States. Not the billionaire Muslim playboys, so eager to buy European football teams. Not any of the world's many jet-setting muslim academic superstars, so highly sought after in Harvard, the Sorbonne, Oxford etc.

No, it is penniless Malians, the South African government, the French Government, a bit of money from UNESCO, a few passing Western tourists and music fans who are working together to try to preserve this forgotten corner of world history. What greater refutation of the modern Islamist agenda could you find? What greater refutation of the whole Orientalist thesis could you find?

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