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November 08, 2012



If Jacques thinks China is so great, he should feel free to move there.

Someone should ask the Chinese elite why they don't trust the Chinese people. Do they think the average Chinese is less sensible than the average American? Surely not.

Richard Powell

Martin Jacques might tell us how he knows what the Chinese - all of them - think, given the limitations on freedom of expression they have to endure. The assertion that they see the state as a family member is just extraordinary. Twenty years ago when I was living in Japan I noted the tendency of commentators to project all sorts of ridiculous nonsense on to that country. Now it's China's turn.

For my money, 'A Point of View' is consistently the worst thing on R4. Its aim is to be contrarian, but too often it misses by a mile, in turns turgid and incomprehensible or both.

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