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November 28, 2012



Didn't Iran get fooled by the Onion too? Something about white Americans voting for that imadinnerjacket guy.

Mick H

Yes, it's mentioned in that first link at Foreign Policy - a story about a Gallup Poll supposedly showing that rural whites preferred Ahmadinejad to Obama.


I think The Onion's very hit and miss, a bit like The Daily Mash, but I have to say that this left me with an enduring mental image: http://www.theonion.com/audio/mel-gibson-launches-rockets-into-israel,12724/


Authoritarian regimes are not accustomed to satire, and so they get caught out.


Did you see that the NYT linked to one of your posts:


Mick H

Yes, I get an overview which shows if other sites refer to any of my posts, so I had seen that. I've had quite a few from the NYT in fact: must have a fan there.

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