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September 17, 2012



C'mon, you can't get any more evil than playing Monopoly on the backs of a group of Right Said Fred lookalike contest winners.


Shouldn't it be call centres rather than satanic mills?


Just to be clear here, The Big O has already, by Executive Order, paved the way for the UN (World Order)Agenda 21's objectives.
That's not conspiracy theory, that's fact.


The Big Owe apparently was into 'redistribution' a decade and a half ago, congruent with the UN's Agenda 21 origins.
Just because we're only now becoming aware of these forces doesn't negate their reality.
As a real property owner I'm justifiably worried.


'dreary Occupy politics'? The mural looks very colourful to myself. As you are unaware of what is going on consider that except for N.Korea, Iran, Cuba all central banks are owned by the Rothschilds (part %s). In recent history previously Iraq's and Libya's could have been added to that list if you get the drift. If you want to educate yourself with regards that I suggest you read Eustace Mullins 'Secret history of the federal reserve' viz Federal Reserve others DYOR. Similarly Bank of International Settlements. Also consider how the plans to stabilise Europe involve centralised control of all EMU countries' finances under the European Central Bank (set up and owned by the Rothschilds) thus making individual countries financial affairs no longer under the control of people-elected governments.

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