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September 24, 2012



Crumbs. Surely a candidate for the worst piece of "journalism" ever to appear on the internet? It's not just the general thrust of the article that's a monstrous lie - it's the supporting detail too, such as the factoid that NGO people earn more in a minute than a Khmer in a month. I wonder which Khmers Shamir spoke to - most people are too young to remember the 70s. But those who lived through the 70s under KR rule are astonishingly open about what they went through, based on my experience on three visits about a decade ago.


Despicable. What's barely credible is how people can make a living writing this sort of garbage. I suppose there'll always be a market for genocide denial among the ideological bigots of the Far Left and the Far Right and someone will be there to tap into it.

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