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April 12, 2012


Martin Adamson

Most people were drinking small beer, though - about 1-2% alcohol. It's well known that the standard ration in medieval monasteries was 8 pints a day. Even well into the 19th century it was normal for children to drink beer - there are dozens of references to it in Dickens.


A friend of mine, from Belgium, once told me that pregnant women were always told to drink a fair amount of beer. It was thought to make pregnancy more tolerable, and the extra fat was good for the fetus. Times have changed I guess ...

Mick H

I just asked my (Belgian) wife about that, and it's news to her. It could explain a few things, mind...


Of course, my friend is a guy, and he was talking about his girlfriend. Maybe he had some other motive ...

But then, I just found this: "...our B&B host in Brugge said that during her stay in the hospital (an astounding 5 days!) she was given a trappist dark brew to facilitate lactation."


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