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March 28, 2012


Jon Erickson

Al Jazeera?? Zimmerman isn't "white"--he's Hispanic. A Neighborhood Watch group is not a vigilante group--although much can be said to condemn Zimmerman's actions, if only from what I've heard so far. I suggest one should wait until more information develops by investigating what happened before assuming this is a racially motivated killing like days gone by. Spike Lee tweeted Zimmerman's supposed address to his friends who retweeted it throughout an angry black community. A form of incitement. Unfortunately it was the address of a now terrified elderly couple. There is now a lynch mob mentality happening that strikes me as striking the very reverse tone of the old Dylan standards from days gone by, songs that were done after the facts were in (although even details behind "The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll" have been called into question. ) I love your blog and read it every day and I love Dylan, but I think a little circumspection is necessary until investigations are carried further. cheers.

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