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February 29, 2012



I know it's a bad habit to read the comment sections, but I always do, and one comment at the last link really got to me:

"Here [meaning Canada] they use credit cards to enslave the masses, China they use a gun."

It's become a trite sentiment, but the triteness is what bothers me. I wonder when people first started thinking this way -- that the highest form of wisdom or open-mindedness is to see no difference between a credit card and a giant gulag of a country? And this comment appeared in an article in which, we are told, 10-year boys are hung over fires until they faint from the pain.

Or this:

"Too bad NK does not have oil - so no reason to 'bring democracy'"

Is there now a generation for which the entire history of the Korean War was washed down the memory hole?

Mick H

Well yes: it's a safe bet that in any comment thread on an article critical of a foreign country you'll get someone making some kind of remark on those lines - ie "we're no better".

In this CiF piece on the first ladies of Arab leaders, and in particular Assad's wife Asma - http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/feb/28/arab-first-ladies-of-oppression - the most recommended comment, by a long long way, is no.7: "Why not highlight the wives of Western leaders and ask why they stand by their men? Cherie Blair and Laura Bush?!"

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