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February 03, 2012



Actually, I think Brown improved with age. I liked him better when he put all the theatrics behind him. (Although I once had a music teacher who tried to explain Paganini's stage appeal by saying he was the James Brown of his day.)

I always feel like I shouldn't like this video, but I just think both Brown and Pavarotti sound terrific together:


Mick H

Hadn't seen that one before. Yes, somehow it does work - but I still go for the early stuff myself.

Still, we don't have to choose. It's all there.


I've seen them both perform live. Pavarotti in the 1970's and James Brown in 1961.

Guess which one had me dancing for three solid hours.

Mick H

Well yeah, Pavarotti can get you like that.


Everyone always praises JAMES BROWN and his BAND...but nobody ever talks about his singing group THE FAMOUS FLAMES. Their names are: BOBBY BYRD, BOBBY BENNETT, and LLOYD STALLWORTH. The Flames are VERY important historically, because , contrary to popular belief, JAMES BROWN actually BEGAN his career as a member of The Famous Flames....NOT as a "solo" artist.In fact, The Flames were around long before that celebrated "band" EVER EXISTED!! For decades, despite their importance on the stage AND in the recording studio, NOBODY ever gave them as ounce of credit. Some misinformed people and history revisionists have even gone so far as to say that James Brown's BAND was called "The Famous Flames" This LIE has persisted for over 50 years...and it's HIGH TIME it STOPPED . THE FLAMES are a SINGING GROUP...NOT BACKUP MUSICIANS. (sorry , fans of Maceo, Fred Wesley,Bootsy Collins, Jabo Starks, etc,etc,etc) but facts are facts. The Famous Flames are (as Jan & Dean said at their intro, "RIGHT HERE") singing and dancing right alongside Brown. People , it seems , are FINALLY getting the message: THE FAMOUS FLAMES,Byrd, Bennett, Stallworth, and Johnny Terry, were just inducted into the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF fame IN 2012...SOME 27 years AFTER the induction of lead singer JAMES BROWN.

They SHOULD have been inducted with BROWN back in 1986 !!!

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