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December 20, 2011



The first series also had a similar subtext - remember how that noticeably naughty Vagn not only turned out to be the murderer, but also betrayed a contempt for Iraqis and Iranians, whom he referred to by a Danish word translated as "paki" in the subtitles. I've simply come to expect this BBCish bias everywhere in the west now. It crops up all the time in various degrees in Wallander. As for Henning Mankell, Wallander's author, I've heard him protesting about Islamophobia, and on his Wikipedia entry you only have to look at his political views to see where he is coming from. Krister Henriksson who plays Wallander is recorded as having signed the appeal Swedish Film Workers for Peace and Freedom in an Independent Palestine.

Mick H

Yes, Vagn from the first series. He was particularly bitter about the boyfriend of the victim - the girl he killed - being a "raghead". The lad himself - the boyfriend - was a gentle soul who never did much but cry, and was never remotely in the frame for the murder.

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