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December 19, 2011


Martin Adamson

"Can you arrange the shelves so that people picking up toilet rolls at head height are not buried under an avalanche?"


Nothing 'Charmin' about that dude. Unless of course you consider that he's now past tense.

Richard Powell

Mick - has the time you've spent observing the ways of the Dear Departed Leader given you insights into his partiality for the anorak? Despots rarely dress like trainspotters (no disrespect to trainspotters) - they usually prefer blingy uniforms of their own design. Also, more recent photos suggest that, whereas the DDL used to be the only man to sport one, thus suggesting a unique status, they have become a must-have for the top brass - all with the rather delicate lilac lining, suggesting they're all part of the same batch.

It will be interesting to see if the Dear Successor emulates his dad's ideas, or goes for something more distinctive and sinister, in line with his general appearance.


it would be interesting to ask a collection of Guardian types which of the three famous people who died in the last few days they least disliked. It couldn't be Hitchens given that he committed the ultimate 21st century crime of supporting the overthrow of Saddam Hussain, and it couldn't be Havel for the same reason and for his persistent badmouthing of Stalinism. So it would have to be Kim. Presiding over a police state which starves its people is a minor indiscetion compared with the crimes of the other two.

Mick H

No real insights into the anorak, Richard. I suppose for a man of the people the dictators-R-Us clobber beloved of Gaddafi would be out of the question. But yes, it's funny how gradually all the top brass came to adopt the same jacket. There's probably a thesis in there somewhere: "Songun Style: the Iconography of the Anorak in the DPRK".


Reminiscing .. post colostomy?


I just found out why he is pointing at toilet paper. Turns out he didn't defecate. So maybe he's saying: "Toilet paper? What that?


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