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December 30, 2011



You missed the opportunity to quote Larkin:

[W]ondering ...
When churches fall completely out of use
What we shall turn them into, if we shall keep
A few cathedrals chronically on show,
Their parchment, plate, and pyx in locked cases,
And let the rest rent-free to rain and sheep.
Shall we avoid them as unlucky places?

Did you know you were quoted in the WSJ?

Mick H

Was that about the Simon Winchester piece on North Korea? I got a lot of traffic on that.


Union Chapel is a good place for music.

See here:


or here:


Mick H

Yes I've been there a few times, though not since its re-opening.


Yes, it was from the WInchester post. It was actually from one of the blogs on WSJ, but who reads papers anymore.


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