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October 11, 2011



Here's something scary -- as bad as the stuff you see on MEMRI:


Mick H

That is nasty. Though I like the comment "if only he went to a Jewish dentist".


Where I hang out a lot (The New Republic's message boards) there is something of a consensus among some (most)of the Obamaist posters that Tea Partyers are stupid and racist. I don't know much about the Tea Party. I couldn't really understand what they want so I very quickly got bored and stopped listening. But the photo you posted, Mick, and Dom's youtube confirmed that stupidity and bigotry are not the sole prerogative of the Right. And that, oddly enough, is somewhat comforting to know, though don't ask me why. I don't think I can explain.

Mick H

Maybe it's something to do with the general air of moral superiority which (some on) the Left like to cultivate: the idea that anyone who disagrees with them, anyone who might be to their right, can only have the views they have because of some personal flaw. They must either be stupid, or they must be morally deficient. And the only reason that anyone's political views might move to the right as they get older is not because they've come to see things differently, but because they've sold out. It's all a bit wearying. So it's a relief in a way when the facade slips.

Mind you, even for the hardest of the hard Left this YouTube guy is surely a bit too open and upfront about his Jew hatred, I would have thought, to be welcomed as a comrade.


In a way, I find this even more disgusting than the video above.


It's just 13 ways of saying, "I want a pony and I want it now."

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