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September 17, 2011


Mike 71

This is clear evidence that Abbas cannot be trusted to negotiate in good faith and should be taken out by the Mossad! Given the fact that Israel is a nuclear power, more than a mere 10 million Egyptians could be taken out if necessary. How many would be taken out by a nuclear strike on Cairo? I don't know, but I am certain that Egyptians do not want to test Israel, despite what Abbas claims on their behalf, and find out the hard way!

Mick H

Um....not sure if you're serious, - I hope not - but this Abbas isn't Mahmoud Abbas the Palestinian President and PLO Chairman.


Egyptian Journalist? I think not. Propagandist- Absolutely.

The PA's Abbas and Arafat's successor is an abscess.


From that post and that comment we learn that masturbatory feverish imagination is not strictly one side's property. Balance is important in nature, I guess.


Er... to make sure, I meant the first comment here.

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