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September 20, 2011



Interesting. I bet that's why I need to have my glasses on when I talk to people. I have trouble understanding people on the phone too.

In my psychology days, a question often looked at was, "How do people understand the difference between CAP and CAB", where according to voice prints, the only difference is the length of the vowels (no one pronounces the final consonant). If you take two buzzards equal in length to the two vowels, no one can tell the difference.


Look at his lower lip in the different clips (eg. At 2.00) Sometimes he drags the lower lip across his upper teeth to make "far" and when he kisses his top lip he makes "bar"

Am I missing something?

Mick H

Well yes: you're missing the whole point. When he drags his lower lip across his upper teeth it looks like he's saying "faa", so we hear it as "faa", but the sound is actually "baa".

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