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July 21, 2011


Martin Adamson

As far as wiping out peoples completely, well, the Turks have shown more than once that they are up for the job.


Yes martin, We know how to deal with people who attack us. Ask Greeks and Armenians about it

Mick H

Ah yes, those aggressive Armenians!


The Armenians and Pontic Greeks were wiped out because they made the mistake of giving up militancy years before the genocides.

Turkey can only dream of wiping out Kurds. Those guys have fought and survived everyone from Alexander the Great to the Mongol Hordes.

Turkey's greatest fear of peoples such as Greeks, Armenians and Kurds is that those are real ancient cultures with solid histories, genealogies that have evolved naturally over time. Unlike the forced assimilation of many different European and Anatolian peoples into a fake Turkish identity.

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