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June 21, 2011


Kellie Strøm

From Gimpyblog's Posterous:

"Following Mr Haw's diagnosis, fans of David Icke, a notorious conspiracy theorist, took charge of fund raising for his treatment in Germany, via the Shen Clinic. The Shen Clinic believes in, and has promoted, the theories of Tulio Simoncini.
Mr Simoncini is banned from practising medicine and has fraud and wrongful death convictions in his native Italy."


David Thompson

A helpful reminder of Mr Benn’s willingness to distort and dissemble. He’s done it so often, it’s practically a reflex.

Mick H

Thanks for the link, Kellie. It seems somehow an appropriate way for him to go.

Francis Sedgemore

Nice obituary; a most appropriate remembrance.

If John McDonell MP gets his way with the memorial, I shall make a point of relieving myself against it when spinning past on my bike. In honour of the great man, I might even alight the vehicle first.

No Good Boyo

Haw is a hard act to follow, but in that British way he has now become an institution simply by staying put for ten years. I'm running a campaign to find a successor. Nominations below, please. Dr Mabuse and the BBC Question Time audience are leading so far:



Great blog! I am all for having the right to protest and if Haw had just gone on the Anti War marches that take place every year that would be acceptable but it always amazes me how people can justify any kind of behaviour if it supports their own opinion. Some members of the public seem to think that Haw abandoning his wife and seven children leaving the tax payer to pick up the pieces is perfectly justified because he supported their strongly held views on Iraq. NOT so… nothing on earth should come between you and your family for ANY cause. His awful posters and banners made the place look like a dump, you couldn't walk past without hearing him scream abuse in your face and if this was anyone else the public would have no sympathy for him and slate him for walking out on his children. And what about the public that don't agree with his view? What about their right to walk down the road without hearing his dreadful outbusts and seeing the mess he made of Parliament Square. He had clearly lost his marbles. The kindest thing to do would have been to have Haw sectioned.

sackcloth and ashes

In Brian Haw's world, Saddam Hussein's regime never killed anyone. Neither did the Taliban, nor al-Qaeda - in fact Haw's status as a 9/11 'truther' appears not to have attracted much attention. Neither did the apparent oddity of his campaign against both sanctions and regime change in Iraq (what outcome did you favour, Mr Haw?), nor the fact that he wasn't exactly that concerned about all the hundreds of thousands of Afghan civilians who were killed before 9/11.

If patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, then pacifism can offer a home for cranks like Haw.

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