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June 09, 2011


Phil Rigby

What a fantastic story about how God uses Dylan,praise the Lord. Phil Rigby

john desmond

that's an amazing story. i met dylan years later and he came over and started chatting with me. later I talked with him alone outside. I think he's a nice guy if people allow him to be. he came from a good family and he's a nice man. but he hates to be put in a box. and fame has not been easy for him. fame means people rush at you. i'm so happy you had that experience. [email protected]


That is just the best Bob Dylan story ever! Whoever you are, thank you for sharing it.

Ramblin' Ray

Dylan’s inquisitive curiosity and gracious generosity are combined well here. I’m reminded of those who’ve helped me through the years. I could never adequately repay or thank them all but I can try to pass it on.


Was the song he played that day North Country Blues, or was it, as you seem to indicate later, Ballad of Hollis Brown? In any case, great tale.

Mick H

Read it again. He's quite clear that it was North Country Blues.

B.R. Nordman

On posts regarding Bob Dylan's birthdays or when people are too cranky or worse where it concerns him I often write "Bob Dylan is a blessing to no end". This lovely tale expresses this nicely, thank you for sharing it. B.R. Nordman, Vancouver, B.C.


"Read it again. He's quite clear that it was North Country Blues."

Read this paragraph again and think about what it suggests:

"I know now it was the commitment of the vicar who turned my life around, but it was Dylan who inspired me and Ballad of Hollis Brown became my life song. He had planted a seed in me on that day and the flower has been growing ever since."
Seed planted that day and Ballad of Hollis Brown so close together at least give the impression that the writer has mixed things up.

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