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May 22, 2011



It's strange how the Libyan rebels shout 'God is great'. Surely, if he was that great, he would have done away Gadaffi a long time ago.


God is great no matter what happens; God is the one who will give justice in the judgement day: when life will be endless and revenge will be meaningful.


@Bob-b ... ur free to not beleive .. but dont be stranged if others do.. if u have mercy in ur heart , u have peice of god in u
humans have the choice to go in the path they chose .. when u face evil face to face formed in qadaffi rappest and killers . u need to know that there is something bigger out there . yes shit happens ... but we r not weak to blame god ... its mans will to do wrong
us libyans are going through very sad times ... big changes are coming .. we need to know that god is great . we had Patience and now we need to give our all for libya ...
and i want to add that i really find it starnge that this is all u had to say from all uve read above !!!!..


Why does God not deal with Gadaffi and others like him right now? If he is great he could do something. Is he just not bothered?


@ Bob .... do you thing every thing in our life come easy ....!!!! do you !!!!! one of the most things that does not come easy is the freedom God is testing the people who do believe in him in this test so Allah (God) wont give us our freedom so easily the test will may take a long time to test more and more of people we have to pay for our freedom and for our justice by being patient and who fail the test by not being patient so will fail the test , Allah God wont give this thing so easy so we the Libyan out side Libya or inside all being fight and believe in God even if it will take many more months


God could help the Libyan people by taking out some of Gadaffi's tanks and rocket batteries, i.e. doing the sort of thing that NATO is doing. The fact that he isn't doing this suggests either that he isn't capable of doing it (and hence isn't that great) or that he doesn't care what happens to the Libyans (and hence is quite callous).



I fnd it caloous to come out with atheist talking points and continue to engage Libyns who say they find a belief in a greeater power and heavenly justice comforting. Libyans have flown flags o countrries helping protect them or helping their refugees, but to expect them to abandon their belief in God is stange. There are Libyan atheists, but they will remain a small minority for he foreable future


@Bob-B, I believe the translation is "God is greater". Meaning, God is greater than the sick douchebags who perpetrated these crimes. And that can hardly be disputed, since little can be less great than these jerks - even if God is but a figment of imagination he would still be more magnificent than these pieces of shit.

Agnostic Man

as long as people still believe in god ! nothing changes we still cant find life with religion we still have a long way to be better human ! " libyan people" , there's no god or goddess, these problem with some people they think they desirve some help from someone called GOD ! why u think u have the right to get help from the unknown u think ur special or just u need to beleive there's someone bigger and much more stronger than u is that it ? IF THERE'S GOD OR SOMTHING THAT CONTROL OUR DISTANY THE STARVING PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD DESIRVE SOME HELP " OR EVEN THE CHILDREN " , i'm a libyan agnostic, one day we will sprid inside the cummunity, and for those keep praying like a weak person searching for God Until we take over.

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