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April 10, 2011



Pont of information, Sir; whose money exactly is being used to fund the display, and the salaries of the folks who think this is really cool stuff?


I think the part that really pisses me the most is that the nameless artisans who put their heart and soul into creating exquisite musical instruments go largely unrecognized. The instruments, pieces of true art in their own right, are the sole (or soul) means of expression for the musicians who DO get the recognition for their art form. Unjust!

Fabian from Israel

You know, Mick. If this were really art, you could just hang a sign saying "Mr. xxx xxxx creates beautiful things" next to his works.

But no, we need the esthetic bla blaspeak because the artworks are ugly, dumb and unoriginal.

Mick H

I'm obviously too good at this art-speak business. My next career move is now clear...

Damian Shand

You had me going for a minute. Ausfahrt fur Kunst indeed. Gerbil indeed. And there was me being all excited that a major new talent had arrived on the scene...


Damn! I didn't realize you did satire...
Does this mean I have to reevaluate every artspeak piece you've done?!

Mick H

Yes, sorry about that. I certainly wasn't intending to mislead: I thought it would be obvious that I was joking. And no, you don't have to re-evaluate - it's all part of the same less-than-reverent approach.

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