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January 12, 2011



Professor Toxic ... grooming for a Nobel Prize in stupidity is certainly a contender.


Everything is now clear; the male RoP acolytes grow beards resulting in an obsession with sex.
According to (some)Islamic sources it may even cause earthquakes...
(I've had a (short) beard for thirty some odd years.)


Oh dear, when I think of all the pork I've eaten over the years. I wonder if growing a beard would counteract its effects.


The mind boggles! It all makes sense now.

What rubbish; who knows better, the Iranian clerics or Seismologists...


sackcloth and ashes

'When I was a student at university, in 1975-1977, they conducted a survey which showed that the female American student, who spends, an average, four years at university, has sexual intercourse with 200-300 guys during these four years'.

What's the betting Jamal's jealous because he didn't get any?

sackcloth and ashes

Just checked the Dept of Nutritional Science and Toxicology at UC, Berkeley. Prof Jamal Al-Din Ibrahim is conspicuously absent from the list of faculty staff:



"female American student, who spends, an average, four years at university, has sexual intercourse with 200-300 guys during these four years."

1. Why didn't I encounter some of these females during my university years?

2. I even had a beard some of the time...


"When the [American] woman reaches her thirties or forties, after 15 years of [sex], she begins to develop breast cancer and uterine cancer, which are very common in America."

According to this study,

"Carcinoma of the breast is the most prevalent cancer among Egyptian women and constitutes
29% of National Cancer Institute cases. Median age at diagnosis is one decade younger than in countries
of Europe and North America and most patients are premenopausa"

I wonder what these numbers say about the sexual promiscuity of Egyptian women. I don't suppose it occurred to the venerable mullah to check the statistics to see if he really wants to go that way.


Ah yes, more of that wonderful islamic science, which of course never cites specific references...being peddled by a fellow who can't seem to even get "his" university name correct.

And muslims wonder why no one takes them seriously.

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