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December 28, 2010



For people like Tisdall the only really bad guys are in the West. You can say what you like about Bush and Blair, but it's important not to 'demonize' people like Bashir, Kim Jong-il and their ilk.


Oi... well, if America isn't George Bush, it's George Clooney. What a moron!

sackcloth and ashes

Re: Bashir and his supposedly magnanimous position on the South Sudanese referendum, the phrase that springs to mind here is 'Watch this space'.

Firstly (see 'Are they heading for a crash', in 'The Economist', 23rd September 2010) there are a series of low-level tribal clashes in the South right now, and Khartoum is strongly suspected of having a hand in them.

Secondly (see 'Africa Confidential', 5th March 2010) it is reported that one of the reasons why Sudan agreed to a peace deal with Chad last February is so that it can focus its attention on the SPLA.

Thirdly, there's the unresolved question of Abyei, which is both oil-rich (natch) and claimed by Khartoum. It also - funnily enough - the scene of bitter intercommunal fighting.

The question is whether Tisdall knows any of this or not. If the latter, then why is he allowed to pontificate about a subject he knows bog-all about? If it's the former, then why has he seen fit not to share these inconvenient truths with his readership?

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