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November 29, 2010



No doubt if these people had been around in the 30s they would have applauded Germany as 'a threat to US imperial interests', which 'takes no orders from Washington'. A contemptible bunch.


Sometimes I'm lulled into the belief that, as an English-speaking American that lives in a culture more reflective of Britain's than of any other, I understand your country. But when I ponder the fact of The Guardian's prominent place in English public life--and that it apparently speaks for a fairly large segment of your people--it's clear that I do not understand very much at all.


Some commenters, at places like Steve Sailer's, are convinced that the Wikileaks revelations are being orchestrated by ...

"WikiLeaks is obviously a well-executed PR operation. The information they're "leaking" is only damaging to the government on a superficial level. In truth, most of it supports neocon foreign policy aims like invading Iran. Pretending to be on the opposite side than the one you are actually on is very effective as it allows you to make bogus "admissions against interest" (this method is also known online as "concern trolling").

The fact that the mass media keeps talking about WikiLeaks is also a dead giveaway. If it were legit, you'd never have heard about it. Treat this stuff as about as authentic as the Niger yellowcake forgeries."

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