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September 04, 2010



An official of such highness and savvy speaks of "...the American parliament"? Why would anyone take him seriously after such a bloop?


"And faith is something difficult to disprove with rational argumentation."

It's too ironic. Is he even listening to what he is saying?

Reminds me of this guy:



Would that what he said were true! We of the Ten Tribes persuasion have as many disparate (unfortunately) opinions on Judaism and Israel as is clearly illustrated by daily blog items.
For me, my pro-Israel stance has solidified with exposure to anti-Israel invective, mostly from the US ('celebrities' especially).
Why an EU Trade executive is offering his opinion on this subject needs to be answered.


"Why an EU Trade executive is offering his opinion on this subject needs to be answered."

It serves the same purpose as the phrase "Carthago delenda est" did for its reputed author, the Roman statesman Cato the Elder. He always ended his speeches with some variation of this expression even those which had nothing to do with Carthage.

It implies an insistent, relentless repetition of something. A credo, a declaration of jihadist faith. It is also a well known brain washing technique.

BTW, "the attitude of total warfare toward Carthage resulted in the utter destruction of the city at the end of the Third Punic War and the surviving inhabitants were sold into slavery. The modern legend that the city was sown with salt reflects the perceived savagery of destruction." (wiki)

Karel de Gucht will shed no tears of sorrow or repentance if Israel were to meet a similar end.


If you have the stomach for it, here is a letter sent to president-elect Obama from "Teachers against Occupation". It has 900 signatures from other academicians. No one calls this the "Anti-Israel Lobby".


If comparisons with South Africa leave you sick (as well as mention of Jimmy Carter), then here is a nice antidote:


Mick H

I couldn't make it all the way through the letter, but Gottheil's piece is interesting - especially about the women and gender studies signatories.


Only slightly off topic:

Geez, ya think?! Here in Canada CBC takes no back seat to anyone when it comes to blatant bias; especially on the AGW and Palestinian files.
...we now return you to the regularly scheduled broadcast ;)

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