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June 15, 2010



'has to be abolished'? How you gonna do that then, mate?

Eagleton is a wanker. He thinks that Macbeth is really about the three witches and feminist power!!

John C

Um, wasn't Eric Cantona a Rimbaud fan?

But Eagleton's obviously right. Football stadiums should be used for mass callisthenic exercises to show the People's devotion to Socialism. Ask Kim Jong Il for details.


I'm no expert on this, but, wasn't football still pretty popular throughout the Soviet Union? Or did everyone take to playing chess in order to distract themselves from, er, things. But that wasn't perfected socialism, I suppose. "...the game has to be abolished." Ah, I can see the black leather jacketed police now, in the brave new socialist state, breaking up those insidious underground football matches so that the workers can be sent back to their ballet and poetry and, er, well,...their proper ceremonies and symbols, whatever they may be...

ji xiang

the Soviet Union was not proper socialism, everyone agrees on that now I think.

Anyway the guy has a point. Football has become the new opium of the people. The amount of attention some people give the game is just ridicolous, and it does distract people from their real problems. I wouldn't suggest abolishing it though, just maybe abolishing the professional leagues.

John C

"I wouldn't suggest abolishing it though, just maybe abolishing the professional leagues."

That's very generous of you. Nice to see that "proper socialists" have got rid of their totalitarian tendencies. Plus I'm sure the USSR's biggest mistake was not banning professional football. Personally, I've always blamed the Ukrainian famine on Dynamo Kiev's shocking performance in the 1931-32 season.


I really don't see a problem.

Let's ban anything and everything that makes life pleasurable until we reach the perfect society, and only then lift the restrictions. If the miserable buggers still won't revolt then we must start beating them until they finally rise up and bring about utopia.

Of course Eagleton's problem is that the wicked bloody Capitalist won't play along by making people miserable. Perhaps the solution is to create "not proper socialism"/degenerated workers' state/State Capitalism snigger and create the miserable conditions necessary for a true socialist revolution.

Clearly that must be the plan in North Korea. Hurrah!

sackcloth and ashes

I think Eagleton is proof that possession of a PhD and an academic post doesn't necessarily mean you're actually intelligent.

Luis Enrique

well he's right that abolishing football would shake people out of the opiate haze and get people thinking about politics. Specifically, how to get rid of the buggers that just abolished football.

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