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May 24, 2010



From Martin Bright's article: "He [Livingstone] is also an influential public figure who should not throw around such unfounded and potentially dangerous charges."

If the charge is "dangerous" -- and it is -- then he really shouldn't call himself an "Islamophile".

It is dangerous to criticize Scientology -- that's one reason why I am not a Scientologist. (The other reason is that it is silly).


Ken Livingstone branding anyone is ludicrous. The twit has been wearing the mark of Cain for ages.


The Muslims are the modern world’s devil’s agents - a destructive force in a world which has great hope. They don’t do sense, reason, faith, hope or charity or even, kindness, human understanding, social justice, or even sympathy, equanimity, and certainly not generosity or caring or concern for the rights of others and certainly not forbearance and ‘tolerance’ (big in our modern western world) or acceptance, and absolutely not altruism, magnanimity and philanthropy. Whining about ‘injustice’ ( gee ,wow , rich coming from them) towards their supposed ‘cause’ and western Islamaphobic bigots. How rich is that, coming from them? Yes, they ( the relatively sizable minority of psychopathic males in their ranks that is), are good at that. The Jihadists really believe in what they’re fighting for. Rule by brute force, ignorance and state thuggery. They don’t believe they will go to ‘Jannah’ when they win. They don’t really believe in ‘Jannay’ i.e paradise, the great garden in the sky. They don’t have souls. They delude themselves that they can win their jihads and become legitimate criminals free to kill, brutalise, pillage, rape and then go home to batter their wives. And, in a way, that could be good for us in the west. Leave them to it. What’s it to us?

Well, there is 9’11 (2995 dead, officially, but it was more) Madrid 3/11 ( 191 dead, officially) and London 7/7 ( 52 dead, officially) And, of course, a multiple of each of these numbers maimed to the point of having their lives taken away. And, of course, there are the aborted attempts!

That’s 3238 officially dead. They didn’t volunteer. They’re innocent human
beings. They’re victims, not martyrs.

There is a moral imperative to right these wrongs.

The American and British soldiers dying in the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan are
noble and worthy servants of the cause of freedom and justice, hopefully leading to a
democratic system of government and liberation for the long suffering victims of
Islamic tyranny and brutality. They are no ‘martyrs’ trying to go to ‘Jannah’. They are
victims – innocent human beings, adding to the number stated above.

Jesus is the greatest martyr that ever lived. He genuinely sacrificed His life for what
He believed. And He was not the son of God, He never turned water into wine and He
never raised anybody from the dead and He never resurrected, in the literal sense. He
never invented Christianity either. He is not to blame for Christianity.

Mohammed, by contrast, was a warrior dedicated to war and killing and rule by
tyranny. He never sacrificed anything. He had an innumerable amount of wives and
a merry time when not on duty. This is testified to by his prodigious offspring.
Shahid? Lead by example. What happened? Archangel Gabriel? Never existed. Allah?
About as real as Santa Claus, Mickey Mouse and America’s latterday most famous
family from Springfield, somewhere in the U.S.A. Mohammed is entirely to blame for
slam. to- day.

Let’s ‘cut to the chase’ so to speak, and cut the crap and get real. Let’s ignore the
apologists like the famous convert Brit. called Yusuf Islam, who’s changed his name
twice, telling us that Islam means peace ( i-salaam. Get it?). Dead innocent people
tells us all we need to know about Islam. 3238 + and as much again and more. They are victims whose valuable lives have been taken away (and it continues).

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