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May 26, 2010



“It’s no disrespect to Ms. Ali to suggest that if she had been short, squat, and squinting, her story and views might not be so closely attended to.”

Speaking of good looks, sexual appeal or whatever, take a look at this near-orgasmic portrait of Tariq Ramadan by one British so-called Journalist:

"There he sits, all slight, toned physical perfection, all fastidious grooming, all glowing with non-drinking, non-smoking, body-is-a-temple spiritual health. He's passionate about applying Islamic standards at a personal level. It all sounds improbably high-minded and exacting, so it's a surprise to discover that Ramadan is a good companion - playful, warm, quick to laugh, and occasionally flirting on the outer fringes of self-deprecation (he contends that his religious devotion is largely about sublimating the ego, in something like the manner of a western 12-step programme)."


Martin Adamson

Well exactly, how much fawning over Tariq Ramadan would there if he looked like Abu Hamza?

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