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April 08, 2010



About the Arab world's choice of admired celebrities:

"Israeli journalist, Guy Bechor, writes on the Israeli website gplanet (Hebrew language) that the Arab world is going crazy over reports that Leonardo DiCaprio is converting to Judaism in order to marry Sports Illustrated cover girl, Bar Rafieli, an Israeli.

The report appeared on Al-Arabiya website and, according to Bechor, is quite vicious. Apparently, Leo is a hero in the Arab world (everyone loved Titanic) but that the combination of his relationship with the Jewish beauty, and his conversion, should it happen) instantly transforms him to dirt in their eyes."


I went to Bechor's website where he posted a few comments from the Arab blogosphere, translated into Hebrew. I translated some of those comments to English. Some of them are pretty funny and not all of them are so dumb and hateful.

For example, Nassim says: I wish I were Jewish. I would marry her on the spot. And Pirate responds: Me, too. That girl is worth any price!. Abu el Abd says: Of course he will convert. He is weak and needy and wants a future in the film world which is 100% dominated by Jews. Honestly, there are American girls a million times more beautiful than her, but this is a world of interests...

More translated comments:

Arab Egyptian woman: For sure Raffaeli's father wants to improve the Jewish race.

Another Arab reader responds to the above: What improvement? She is much more beautiful than you...

Muhammad Alkhaldi says: The Jews have been employing this method for generations, to attract men from other religions to Judaism. The Jews need the sex trade in the Occupied territories, too, to attract the Arab youth....It's their policy to use sex...

"Xenophobic Egyptian woman" writes: We Muslims miss nothing if this Capris moves to another religion, Jewish, or even Buddhist. May you prosper in your new religion and your beautiful Jewess. You are all thieves and robbers anyway, sweetheart, and it doesn't matter if you are an American, Catholic or Protestant, American or American Jew. You steal the dreams from poor people... America is the illegitimate father of the Zionist Entity. Maybe we'll get rid of you both, Amen.

Arab Historian: Give half your income to Israel, so it can buy itself a phosphorous bomb, or you'll get to divorce and then you'll have to pay half anyway... haven't they done the same with Clinton and anyone who holds a senior position in the US? They (Jews) are strange being with strange needs which are not acceptable to normal human beings...

This is more than enough to figure out what the general mood is. I think.



"... Martin Amis fully endorsing curtailing the rights of Muslims."

OT, about Amis, did you see this in the Guardian, where he is speaking of his now-deceased sister:

"I wish she had converted to Islam. She might still be alive because of the continence of Islam, the austerity, the demands it makes on you."

Of course he was in Dubai at the time, but really I just don't get him.

Mick H

Well yes, that struck me as a fairly odd remark. Maybe he's trying to counter his anti-Muslim image - I really don't know.


“She was such an uncontrollable girl that there was even talk of her joining the army when she was 17 or 18 because we all sensed that she needed a really tight structure, an ésprit de corps of shared belief,” he told The National. “Islam in its way gives you that, a collectivity that she could have been a part of, which incidentally forbade alcohol and premarital sex. She might have had a chance. She would have had to embrace it earlier than she embraced Catholicism.”

This is how he explained it. And it seems an odd sort of tribute to Islam, that its adherents are expected to live in accordance with a military regimen of iron discipline and self-deprivation. Perhaps he was trying to speak to the Dubaians using tropes they could relate to. It's not the first time this usually wizard who can weave magic with words puts his foot in his mouth. His comments about Muslims which gained him the reputation of an Islamophobe were similarly gauche.

I remember him in an interview on Charlie Rose just after his book "House of Meetings" was published telling Charlie the novel is about two brothers who fall in love with the same "Jewess". Charlie was quite taken aback by this term ("Jewess" is really a loaded term to use), and repeated after him: So these two brothers who fall in love with the same Jewish girl..."


“The mantra of the French Revolution was: ‘Freedom, Equality, Fraternity or death!’ Pragmatically this has now unfolded into its tragic meaning: ‘Be free, equal and secular — or we’ll kill you.’

Indeed - and the mass corpses of the faithful that litter the streets of Britain are eloquent testimony to this. Or else she's talking nonsense.

Izzy: I think you'll find it;s the mass corpses of the faithful that litter the streets of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon provide testimony to this - which is surly Sarah Gillespie's point.

Mick H

Well yes, to be fair to Sarah Gillespie I think that is indeed what she meant - though it's difficult to tell. The idea that Western intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan (not sure how Lebanon gets in here) is an attack on Islam is of course precisely the line that al Qaeda and their associates like to peddle. And of course those doing the overwhelming bulk of the killing are not the secularists, but fellow Muslims.


Do you seriously suggest that the 'overwhelming bulk' of the 1.5 million Iraqi dead were killed by Muslims?

Mick H

Oh right. 1.5 million Iraqi dead. It's a waste of time responding to you then, isn't it?

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