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March 17, 2010



'The lived experience of diversity has been good for Britain.'

The distinction between multiculturalism and Diversity is spurious. you cannot have one without the other.


So its bad when the whites get in on the action, heh?

You are almost there, but you need to take a couple more steps, and realize that its already happened with other groups, ethnicities, religions, and races. They are politically active promoting privilege and special preferences and rights. The whites have just been left behind. And you wont like it when they fully participate methinks. This is all very predictable, however the time for colorblind policies and individualism is past. The zeitgeist is established. The groups that have been unprotected by PC will organize because they have been losing by not playing and no one is going to give up playing. The New Leftist identity grievance groups arent going to unilaterally disband, after having so much success with lawfare, political pressure, threatening social disorder and so on and so forth.

Its wrong and destructive leading inevitably to racial, ethnic and religious war, but then its not like people didnt tell you so.



Richard, I disagree. Malik is talking about "the lived experience of diversity", and not about the abstract ideal of capital-D Diversity. Living with different sorts of people in an ordinary, everyday way is, on the whole, enriching - the fact that chicken tikka marsala is so easily available is the cliched example.

Multiculturalism as an ism, as an official ideology, as a dogma, is a totally different thing. You can have enriching diversity without the multiculti dogma. And I guess if you are a British politician who went to a posh school and a posh uni and live in a posh area and spend your time in Westminster and Whitehall, you can have multicultural dogma without experiencing much real diversity...

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