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March 11, 2010



Only Church groups interested, eh?

What is it with the democratic secular Left, (honourable exception to you, MH) when it comes to DPRK or Cuba? Why is it left to Christians?

Mr Eugenides

By coincidence, I'm currently reading Bradley Martin's "Under the Loving Care of the Fatherly Leader" - specifically, a chapter in which he interviews people who had worked in these logging camps before fleeing.

He confirms that they went of their own accord; indeed, there was fierce competition to get the gig. If I recall the figures rightly (the book is in the office), a worker there in the early 90s could expect to earn easily ten times what they might make in the DPRK for work which was barely much more backbreaking and dangerous. And that despite the regime tithing off two thirds of the salary at source.

As for your commenter, North Korea is so many orders of magnitude worse than Cuba, let alone Venezuela (say), that I wish that more people on the right gave a damn as well. It is surely the worst regime on Earth, and no-one particularly seems to care.


I never expect the Right to care. But I'd expect the Left to care. And that they don't in any numbers shows too many as just anti -west poseurs, in love with tyrannies, as long as they're anti - west tyrannies.

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