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February 10, 2010


Tim Worstall

The Glorious Glosters.....OK, so I'm from a military family, but surprised you've not heard of that.

The other story from that battle is of the Turkish regiment caught in it (UN troops remember? And yes, MASH does have a couple of episides with Turks in them).

Possibly apocryphal but Pops, who was in the forces at the time (Navy but,...) says it is true.

So this 1 million Chinese start coming over the Yalu River as Mao sends the Chinese Army in on the North's side.

"So, err, Colonel, we're, umm, under attack and there's a million Chinese in front of us. What do we do?"

"Advance of course!".

Ruby at Science Camp

I hope that the future holds peace for the North and South Korea. I am not wishing for them to unite because I believe that would be impossible now that both have different views and their own government. I am just wishing that they could live peacefully together like allies.

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