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February 10, 2010



Well, I'm embarrassed. I've been mispronouncing all those names. I guess I've been mispronouncing "Worcestershire sauce" too.

"Reading" isn't bad, though. You just have to know that it's in the past tense. We have a Reading, PA.


The Gloster company was an important British aircraft manufacturer in the first half of the twentieth century, responsible among others for the Gladiator and the Meteor, the only jet used by the Allied Forces during World War II.


Tim Worstall

I will admit I was just copying the spelling you were using.....


Hmm. Maybe Towcester could be updated as Toaster. Or not.

Mick H

Ha, yes. I forgot about Towcester.


A friend and I once found ourselves sat opposite a bookish-looking woman whose lapel badge proudly proclaimed "Reading is sexy."

We were impressed. Until then, we had no idea that the Berkshire town was such a hotbed of eroticism.


I came across the spelling "Redding" for Reading in a Victorian collection of folk songs.

It also said that in the original version of "Barbara Allen", the first line wasn't "In Scarlet Town" but in "Redding Town". Scarlet Town was a pun on Red-ding. (Totally OTT,I know).

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