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January 14, 2010



We do the over-the-top multi-cult, thing and this is the appreciation we receive ...
Note the "...Canada pulling its troops out of Afghanistan because they're not tough like the British and the Americans." We can thank the media for that particular meme.


And to REALLY make my day, this bit from 'Economist.com':
"The UN reported that the number of civilians killed by the war in Afghanistan in 2009 climbed by 14%, to more than 2,400. The vast majority were victims of Taliban attacks."

Such nice people; so misunderstood...


On any post to do with Islam there is a huge gap between Guardian Cif and its readers.

Invariably the majority of comments on the posts are against whatever line the poster is spinning (especially if its Inayat Bunglawala!) and the recommendations on comments overwhelmingly so.

Just for starters see:



It would be fascinating to know what Guardian Cif editors think they are doing. Perhaps one day they will come down from their ivory tower and let us know.

Have they ever analysed the statistics? [I note that their website doesn’t allow you to index comments by the votes they get – which The Times does, for example.]
Is it part of some cunning plan? It actually attracts readers who like to let off steam!
Possibly it isn't the people who buy the newspaper, so they don't care!
Is it to give a “balanced” picture? Do they believe the likes of Mr Bunglawala must be given a platform? If so, they need to publish a heck of a lot more that gives the Islamosceptic case.
Do they believe the nonsense that these third rate posters come up with? Is it the Guardian view of the world?

David Gillies

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Except even this wishy-washy version of the Golden Rule is nowhere to be found in Islamic teaching. Any idea of the universality of mankind is quite explicitly disdained.


David; Ahhh, you'd be looking for the Arabic translation then..."Do unto others BEFORE they do unto you."

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