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December 14, 2009



Apparently Daniel Garcia-Castellanos of Spain's Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC) in Barcelona, uses the same New Math that the folks at East Anglia's CRU did/do...
"...water levels rose more than 10 meters ..."
"The model suggests that global sea level dropped 9.5 meters as a result of the flood."

All the World's oceans dropped 9.5 meters and the Med
filled by 10 meters.
Pull the other one, Daniel. As soon as I saw the word "model" my cynic sense kicked in.


All this nonsense started when scientists gave up slide rules in favour of computer programs.

Mick H

I'll admit that the figure of 9.5 metres surprised me for the overall drop in ocean levels, but that 10 metres for the Mediterranean, if you read it again, is 10 metres per day - or rather, more than 10 metres per day. Obviously the Med is much more than 10 metres deep - and it's a big area.

rocco gennari

Well, and what if the Med didn't evere dry out? Where did the water spilled into if there were no space?
Computer model needs physical constrain. We must first provide constrains and then try to run models.

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