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December 27, 2009



Oy Mick, I find your understated sneer a bit harsh, and unfair. The glass ceiling was/is a real fixture. This is a Coleridgian fantasy. Who has the money, or time, or patience, for this nonsense? Looks like the latest fad among the bored and boring wives of very rich men.

Mick H

Well, you could be right, but the women writing here are presenting themselves as high achievers who really need - and feel they deserve - this me-time. In actual fact, as you say, much of the clientele probably will be the usual pampered super-rich.


"The food was delicious: no meat, eggs, alcohol or dairy."

Yep, I got the message loud and clear. Include me out, please ;-)


Haha, love your glass holes line. Same old same old. Fools and their bucketloads of money are soon parted. I think I may start my own spa at those rates.

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