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November 30, 2009



"Does it come as any surprise that the motivation behind Uganda's proposed new anti-gay laws is religious?"

Not much of a surprise, I must say. Pretty much all world religions have disapproved of homosexuality (at least since the Greek and Roman civilisations crumbled) - and pretty much the entire world has been religious for that period. Secular societies like ours are a new phenomenon (and IMHO probably a short-lived one).

It seems a shame to invoke Godwins law in the first comment, but both the avowedly secular Soviet Union (post 1933) and the practically secular Third Reich weren't too keen either.

On the other hand, China seems to have a 'do what you like but don't frighten the horses' approach.

Lina fonfina

what in the hell are these people thinking, this would be a crime against humanity, that would be worse than any terrorism, killing people for simply being of homosexual or lesbian or whatever the case may be, that is no different from killing someone just because they're black or because they're muslim or asian or jewish or or ...., this bill nedds to be stopped, whatever we need to do to stop it. Please.

And listen, if we, in the west, can send the UN to help Africa with their problems they have, we definitely have the right to interfere when they're trying to pass a stupid law like this, like not enough people are getting killed for no reason already.



Hey, if it's mean, cruel, narrow-minded, nasty, and will hurt people, the Faithful are gonna be right there with their tongues hanging out. If they ever do any good, it's always to clean up a mess the faithful made in the first place.

If you think you're "Faithful," if you believe in god/s, then you need to clean up the act of your own people. Religion is YOUR realm, and if someone of faith is doing this, and you do nothing about it, then you are tainted, too. Don't try to say you're not; we're going to paint you all with the same brush, from now on.

If you think being faithful involves going to church and baking cookies, but you're allowing anybody of faith to get away with crap like this, then you all get locked into the same dark room together. You can kick and scream and say "But I didn't do that!" but it's too late; you're all in the same bucket, now, from now on.

Make up your mind: As the song goes: "Which side are you on?"

Patti Cook

I agree that this will lead to the Ugandan version of witch hunts...if you don't remember, the people that were killed were accused by a group of teens for purposes of revenge...that is what will occur in Uganda as well. All one has to do is to "report homosexual activity" to the authorities and the accused will be gone. Want your neighbor's wife? No problem, just report her husband as being gay! Want your brother-in-law out of the house? No problem, just report him as gay! Want your sister to give you the cash she inherited from your father? No problem, just report her as gay!

The comment author from the times should watch his homophobic step...hmmm...wonder if he ever gets to Uganda?


Reporting sister as Gay? Sorry, get your facts right: Gays=MALE; Lesbians=FEMALE;

Horrid news in Uganda though - this has nothing to do with true Christianity which preaches unconditional love - Evangelicals are the stench in our midst.


This is truelly devestating to human rights all together. However I fear that by interveening, we will only continue to make the world hate us (American POV). Uganda already has stated they find this as a 'Western Influence-therefore Westerners can get lost'. However, the reaction of most countries (including my own, america) seem to be that of shock ,disgust, and anger at uganda. For Gay rights at least-it is a good sign that these developed nations are appauled by these action.

Bill Fisackerly

Evidently you have not read the rest of the story - that Christians in Uganda have been protesting the bill and urging its defeat. Do not assume that just because a couple of nuts (who claim to be Christian) are involved means that ALL Christians (or religious people) agree with this. Don't spread more uninformed hate.

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