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November 11, 2009




But I thought mourning doves made their whistling sounds by flapping their wings. Not that "mourning" noise we all know, but the one you hear when they take off. Or isn't that considered singing?

Mick H

I wouldn't know about that: American birds. Outside my area of expertise.
It says here - http://www.all-birds.com/Mourning-Dove.htm - that the whistling sound is made when air passes through the wing feathers. So whatever it is it's not stridulating.

Jon Richfield

Ummm... "This method of sound production, known as stridulating, is familiar from the insect world - crickets, for instance - but the manakin is the only vertebrate known to create sound in this way."

Well, what I ma about to describe is not courting, but some snakes stridulate by rubbing scales together and they have more vertebrae than birds! To my certain knowledge from personal observation and reading, the African egg-eater, non-venomous and non-hissing, "hisses" by rustling in that way.
I have read of other snakes that do that, though I cannot remember which.


Jon Richfield

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