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November 15, 2009



"China is a multinational country. Some westerner politians just want to repress the development of China."
("westerner" ?! More West than where? )
But I digress; empire building is about domination, and always has been. Those 'westerner' politicians are looking ahead, and they don't like what they see.
The US is so deeply indebted to China that it's unlikely to recover its economic dominance role, or at least not unless they wean themselves off Chinese manufactured goods.
China is the US's #1 trading partner now...unfortunately that's based on importing from China, not exporting to.


It would be quite interesting to get a copy of the Social Research Review. It is amazing that they would publish, "12% of these trusted officials believed the policy would, in the end, lead to the breakup of China." They are, of course, referring to the Chinese government's policy in regards to the Uyghurs and Tibetans. If it is true that minority politicians are making those kind of statements, I may be mistaken on the climate in Xinjiang.


Importing-From China

While there are substantial inroads in improving the quality of products from China, there still remains quite a bit of work needed. Therefore, before you do import from China, it is essentially, if not a must, that you do your homework and thoroughly at that. Then, once you have imported and sold the product, more homework needs being done! And, it does not end there…

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