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August 30, 2009



What tripe; who wants to listen to a guy's voice on their GPS? Women would just ignore it anyway...;)

(yes I get it, just joking.)


not getting a joke is something else than not having a sense of humour.
that's a big difference... so don't blame teh british to be humourless idiots.

but don't think twice, its all right (or left ;-)


This is delicious. We are constantly hearing about the Americans unique sense of humour and their lack of understanding of irony. Indeed an expat relative of mine got into hot water by joking with his trainee who took what he said too literally !
So when Bob uses irony and the British media fails to understand, blowing the story out of all proportion it's what we call a turn up for the book.

Ray  Hunter

you would have thought that there was some one in the BBC, Daily Telegraph or The Washington Post that would have had enough savvy or nouse to see the joke, have all the "Hip" generation left these body's, took the money and retired to the hills, i Don't blame them at all, these institutions are just too big for their own good, BBC news are bunch of P$ f%%%d idiots now, have you heard what goes for humour on Radio Four now, complete rubbish.


You would think the folks at the company broadcasting the show would know that the episode was eight months old and the story easily confirmed. But, then, what story would they have run in its place?

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