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July 25, 2009



Your last sentence is spot on.


Absolutely agree with previous comment.

Laban Tall

Now be fair.

"why should we waste time, money, and lives, in a futile attempt to drag its peasant culture out of the fourteenth century ?"

That's a perfectly reasonable question to ask.

And it's not necessarily a question of 'letting the bastards rot'. Maybe the bastards don't see themselves as rotting ?

Mick H

Well yes, it is a perfectly reasonable question. Absolutely. My point is that it's a question that, politically, comes from the right, not the left.


One answer to the question above is that the great majority of Afghans do not wish to be ruled by the Taleban. Just four per cent favour a Taleban government according to this opinion poll:


The rest would no doubt feel that they were 'rotting' if the Taleban were to return to power.

sackcloth and ashes

Never mind the fact that we actually won the wars of 1880 and 1919.

People like Seabrook who 'invoke the lessons of history' don't actually trouble to read it in detail.

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