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July 20, 2009



This reminds me of an "I, Claudius" episode in which the family of the conniving Sajanus is being murdered, including a very young girl. Even as fiction about Rome, I thought at the time it must have been highly exaggerated:

Guard: "The girl is a virgin. It's unprecedented to kill a virgin. It will bring bad luck to the city."
Macro: "Then make sure she's not a virgin when you kill her. Now GET ON WITH IT."

This is not even medieval stuff. This is something much more primitive and barbarous.


It was no fiction. At any rate contemporary historians recorded it; see Tacitus, Annals, book 5, chapter 9. But to have it happening today, and to have people writing in so-called liberal newspapers defending the government that authorizes it!!


Those temporary marriages are common in Iran, and they generally aren't associated with executions. They are government licensed whore-houses run by mullahs who are getting rich as pimps. Outside the control of the mullahs, they are, of course, illegal.

On youtube, there are several documentaries showing that highly educated Iranian women work there as paid prostitutes, because women have difficulty getting jobs elsewhere.

No Good Boyo

"religiously-inspired alternative to secular humanism".


An article in Al Jadid magazine, from 2002, provides an explanation:

"A woman's rape is frequently the last act that precedes her execution. This is explained by the rule in Iranian political prisons that the sentence of execution cannot be carried out if the woman is a virgin. Since there is a theological belief that if a woman dies a virgin she will go to heaven, the politically active virgin is forced to "marry" before her execution and thus to insure she will go to hell. She is forced to "marry" the hangman who will carry out her execution.. This marriage is conducted as a legitimate and official contract which includes, among other things, an estimated dowry. This "dowry" is subsequently paid to the family of the victim; it simultaneously becomes the equivalent of an official notification that she was executed."

Consider the perversity of this practice: Not content with deciding her fate in this life, the human judges have to decide her fate in the afterlife.

Do they not trust God to know what he needs to know in making his own judgments?

Concerned human

Fuck Islam. One day all the little roaches will have their rights taken away just like they do to these little girls who will never have a chance at life. How hilarious would it be that contrary to their belief that the girls will go to hell after being raped and the men to heaven with a hundred and something virgins, that they just go to hell and the girls are able to direct their suffering from heaven? If just the 'just god' aspect of their religion turns out to be true, then this is not outside the realm of possibilities.

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