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June 11, 2009



Sure, they're completely innocent and just happened to end up in a terrorist training camp by accident. Happens to the best of us, no doubt.

Mick H

They were captured and handed over to the US by Pakistani bounty hunters in Afghanistan. Certainly the Chinese would like us to believe they were in a "terrorist training camp", but the Guantanamo authorities decided they weren't a problem. That's good enough for me.


The American authorities decided they weren't a threat to the U.S., not that they weren't terrorists. Big difference.

It's not credible to wind up in Afghanistan along with 16 of your closest buddies (and no women or children) just because you're "fleeing repression" and want to make a new start. Afghanistan is the last place you'd try something like that.

They were wannabe terorists, alright, they just didn't have America as their target.

Hence the payoff to Palau...if they go back to terrorism we can tell the Chinese it's all Palau's fault, we had nothing to do with it.

See, Mr. Hu, our hands are clean! Please loan us some more money!


"They were wannabe terorists, alright, they just didn't have America as their target."

I don't think that's what the state department meant when they cleared them. They know that terrorists, especially Islamic terrorists, are more or less fungible, one day attacking you, next day attacking me.

And if they wanted more money they'd be sent back to China.

No, they were cleared pure and simple.


They were "cleared" by a federal judge in New York who said "the men had never fought the United States and were not a security threat".



I'm coming down on Maguro's side...
There's been way to much loosey goosey playing with the facts on the "terrorist" subject...

It's all about lawyers doing what they do best; nothing to do with the real world.
Obama's speech to the contrary, we're at war.


Because a judge applies existing legal standards to what are purportedly criminal charges doesn't suggest the Judicial system has the faintest clue as to what Jihad really means to Western society

Slightly off topic, but relevant in the sense of British dhimmitude...http://theopinionator.typepad.com/my_weblog/2009/06/offensive-union-jack-badge-ordered-removed-from-cops-uniforms.html
No reflection on you, M.H; you're a rock!


More of the same http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1192365/Britain-wrong-freeze-assets-Abu-Qatada-rules-EU-clearing-way-compensation.html
To paraphrase Winnie; Never has so much been taken from so many by so few.


Bermuda is harder for the Chinese Navy to get at than Palau.

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