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May 15, 2009



The French were huge fans of progressive and psychedelic music, within which they classed Beefheart.

There's a forgotten history of French progressive groups. Asbjornsen's encyclopaedia of European progressive music contain over one hundred pages devoted to 300+ French acts that few will have heard of today.


Who has listened to Cruciferius, Mahjun or Etron Fou Leloublan?

Beefheart seems surprising only because the French milieu that listened to him has become so obscure.

Martin Adamson

I once had a similar experience to yours with a French Motorhead fan, who seemed to think that merely because I was British I must have known the band personally, and in fact he gave me a letter to give to Lemmy the next time I saw him.


I cannot wait to read that Phil May interview! Just think how crap they would have been if he'd been a Heideggerian.

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