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May 21, 2009



"He killed seven 11-year-old girls"

Tell her that she was killed
because she acted in an immoral manner
because she was a Zionist...
tell her that he killed her
in defense of his country,
his honor as a soldier,
and his religion,
Tell her that to kill her
was a natural response.

John Williams

What a cockeyed world we live in. The unconscionable swine killed seven potential Jewish mothers and that is why he is a hero to these sick bastards.


How many Jordanian Lawyers does it take to get a guilty verdict for their client...;)

The arab mindset, 11yr. old children are "women". Says it all.


What a shameful crime. Not all Jordanians accept this act and you can count me as one. No matter how brutal the Israeli occupation is there is no excuse in killing kids like this.


Ahmed Daqamseh fusiló a 11 civiles, muchachas inocentes.
¿En qué religión se acepta eso?
¿en qué parte del mundo, "ese" es un acto civilizado?


NO .. AM JORDANIAN.. AND I REFUSE THAT A PERSON LIKE THAT ROAM THE STREET! AM sorry .. i cant belive people are willing to tolerate and celebrate any crime!!! like what the hell is wrong with you people!!! he kiillleed school girls, innocent unarmed school girls!!

am jordanian.. and i refuse to have someone speak on behalf of all jordanians saying we want him out! we DONT .. LIES.. atleast not all of us do ..

what i had to say about the matter myself. http://www.jordanoholic.com/blog/reform/no-murderers-roaming-streets

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